CHAPTER 8.2 - Yes, No, Maybe



Once he had opened the door all the way, we looked at one another for a few brief moments.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It felt as if someone was sitting on my chest.

I was trying to decipher whether what I was doing was real or not. This felt like a dream, but I knew this was real.

And it was a reality that I had to come face to face with.

”Hi daddy…” I muttered.

"Indy." He let out breathlessly before bringing me in for a hug.

I couldn’t think of any other place to go besides to my parents house. It was honestly the last place I wanted to go, but I had no other choice.

As I felt his arms wrap tightly around me, something came over me and I started crying.

"I missed you.." I said into his chest as he rocked me side to side.

"I missed you too babygirl."

"Ben, who’s at the door?" I heard my mother sleepily ask from behind him.

Wiping at my cheeks, I moved so I could see her, watching as her hands automatically went to cup her mouth.





XaeThomas - 3 am 

"I’ll call you late’a aight?" I said ta’ Aysia afta’ breaking away from our kiss.

"You better. And I mean it. I wanna see you later." She said as she trailed ha’ fingers up and down my chest.

I smirked fa’ bittin’ down on ma’ bottom lip.

"Don’t worry Ma’. Afta’ how you just put it down on a nigga, you’ll see me late’a. I promise."

She smirked fa’ grabbin’ the collar of my shirt and bringing me down to meet her lips.

Breaking the kiss, she then wiped her lipstick off ma’ lips before smoothin’ the wrinkles out my shirt.

"You betta’ call me Xavier." She said pointin’ ha’ finger in my face.

I chuckled fa’ bringin’ ha’ into a hug. “I will Aysia. Chill Ma’. I got you aight?”

She shot me a smile be’fa she waved ‘bye’ and made ha’ way through tha’ parkin’ lot to ha’ car.




I was running in the dark. What I was running from, I wasn’t sure. All I knew was it was a tall, lanky figure, that of some dude.. And from what I could tell as I looked back, he was catching up to me. I started to run faster, but the faster I ran, it felt as if I was only starting to run slower. I could hear the his footsteps getting closer. I looked around, looking for another route or a place to hide. But I couldn’t find one. As I was about to start running again, the footsteps came to a stop behind me. They couldn’t be heard any longer. I felt my heart beat quicken as I could feel the his presence right behind me.“Well, well, well. Hello again Diamond. Thought you’d never hear from me again, now did you?”


I woke up in a panicked state. I was sweating and my breathing was heavy. Reaching over to my nightstand, flicking on the switch to my bedside lamp.

Looking around the room, to see it was all just a dream. Well more of a nightmare than a dream. A nightmare I’ve made for many nights now. Each time I’d have it, the length of it gets longer. The longer it gets, the longer it seems that I’m running in the darkness. But each night, it always ends at the same part. I hear his voice and then I wake up.

Looking to the clock on the nightstand to see it was 6:22 am.

Sighing, I ran my hands down my face before throwing the covers off of me as I swung my legs over the side of the bed.




"And so I packed my things and left. This was the only place I knew I could really go to." I said sighing before looking to their blank expressions.

I had just explained these last few months that I’ve spent with Xavier and the crew to them since they wanted to know what I was doing outside their front door at practically 3 in the morning.

"You really love that boy don’t you baby?" My mother asked as she placed her hand over mine.

"Yes. No.. I’on know Ma." I said sighing fa’ lookin’ down at the table.

My pride has been holding me back from admitting that I love Xavier. And from even telling Xavier that I loved him. I didn’t know how’d he react to me saying it first, or saying it at all for the matter.

I’ve just been dragging myself along this whole time, thinking that I just had feelings for Xavier, but it was only because I was practically with him 24/7 so how could I not? But after actually explaining to my parents all that has happened, I let my wall down. And it showed me that no matter what we may go through, I really do love Xavier…

"You have to go back India. You can’t stay here." My father said, finally speaking me up making me furrow my eyebrows as I looked to him.

"Did you like not hear a word of what I said less than a minute ago? He’s not right Daddy. He’s needs help! I can’t go back there." I semi-yelled as I could feel tears threatening to fall.

I haven’t seen this man in months! And this is what he has to say to me?

"I don’t care India. You can not stay here! He will come after me and want the money I still don’t have. You have to leave India. I mean it.”

I looked to my mother for help. But she just gave me a look of ‘I’m Sorry’, making me kiss my teeth.

"I knew coming here was a bad idea from the get go. This is all your fault Dad. I hope you’re happy." I snapped as I stood up and pushed the chair back under the table.




As I walked through tha’ front door, I could hear some noise comin’ from tha’ kitchen.

Furrowin’ ma’ eyebrows as I closed the door behind me fa’ lockin’ it back. I reached into the drawer of the table we had placed by the front door, retrieving an extra gun I had hidden fa’ I made ma’ way towards the kitchen.

As I walked through tha’ entry way of the kitchen, I raised tha’ gun.

"Put ya’ fuckin’ hands up right nah, and we won’t have any pra’lems." I snapped, as whoever the fuck it was stopped what they was doing.

I walked ova’ to where the light switch was, turnin’ tha’ lights on fa’ lookin’ to see who it was.

Droppin’ the gun to ma’ side fa’ I shook my head.


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